Presentation Skills TrainingBuilding confidence in anyone who ever has to present information, in any situation – whether that’s a large conference audience, or a daily team brief

  • Planning:  Planning and preparation for any presentation
  • Purpose:  Creating purpose, direction and structure
  • Understanding:  Knowing your audience and recognising their needs
  • Interest:  Keeping your audience’s attention and interest
  • Nerves:  Facing the fear and doing it anyway
  • Performance:  Maintaining great performance under pressure
  • Rapport:  Creating good first impressions and building rapport
  • Tone:  Using pace, modulation and phrasing
  • Enthusiasm:  Generating enthusiasm and a positive attitude
  • Body Language:  Using body language to improve the message
  • Engagement:  Engaging the audience; using inclusive behaviours
  • Questions:  Handling questions and providing effective answers
  • Confrontation:  Avoiding problem situations and defusing tension
  • Impressions:  Making favourable and lasting impressions
  • Closing:  Effectively closing a presentation with a clear message or call to action
  • Expectations:  Meeting and exceeding audience expectations


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